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OK,  let’s call this one Experiment No.2. Or bias-cut-madness, if you like. Number one was the set of two jackets, one unlined, one lined, plus matching, which was still far more on the 18th-century side.

This one’s much more Fifties-style, although the basic pattern is still Rococo! You’ll find a pair of halfboned stays worn underneath and also a puffy petticoat. I could have simplified the pattern on the back of the top part, but I wanted the 18th-century-pattern to remain clearly visible, hence the quite fragmented look in the back. The only modern pattern is the full-circle skirt with some extra pleats for extra fullness above the behind.

All parts are bias-cut and the pattern runs all the way round. Materials are black woollen fabric with tiny white chenille-stripes and pure silk duchesse for the belt.