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HOMEPAGE: Runway-photos by Markus C. Ender

TANGRAM – HEADS Photo+Edit: Alwa | Model: Lizzy Meow, Elisa Valentina | Hair+Makeup: Silvia Tkacsik | shot at Lightbox Project Vienna

TANGRAM – LOOKBOOK Photo: Robert Pichler | Model: Lizzy Meow| Hair+Makeup: Silvia Tkacsik | Edit: Alwa

BLOOD RED Photo+Edit: Robert Pichler | Models: Lizzy Meow, Daniela Weerasinghe, Rebecca Salat | Hair+Makeup: Silvia Tkacsik | Assistant: Mike Petroni

AMO VITAM Photo + Edit: Verena Ritzengruber | Models: Lizzy Meow, Elisa Valentina (Elisa @ Stella Models) | Hair + Makeup: Silvia Tkacsik | Assistant: Mike Petroni

FILM NOIR  Photo+Edit: Verena Ritzengruber | Models, Hair, Makeup: Alwa & Mike Petroni | Assistants: Ronnie Böhm, Thomas Raven

WEDDING Photo+Edit: graubild | Models, Hair, Makeup: Mrs. Jinxx and Mr. Lemming | Styling: Alwa Petroni

AUTUMN: Photo+Edit: graubild | Model, Hair, Makeup, Styling: Alwa Petroni