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Frock Coat

It is what it is, a late 19th century frockcoat, made from a rather old woolen serge I stumbled upon some years ago. I’ve used the typical sleeve pattern of that time, even if this created the expected creases on the armpits’ backside. You will find piped buttonholes and the lining (with the pattern matching all around) set in entirely by hand. The buttons and lapel are covered with wool satin and the sleeve vent is fully functional.

The coat is cut very tight and it may be worn buttoned up, but it’s definitely not meant to. A decorative vest and cravat worn underneath shall remain clearly visible. I’ve also added just two tiny breast pockets on the inside which can hold a flat cellphone or slim purse at most. (Men tend to stuff their pockets like they were hamsters and this pulls the jackets down asymmetrically or creates funny convexities on the outside.)